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What is Uber?

Uber is a well-known and powerful smart phone application for Android and iPhone that connects drivers (captains) with riders directly. GPS is used to detect the passenger’s location with the help of integrated Google map, it then connects you with the nearest driver available. The driver’s rating is shown on your screen (from 1 to 5) once he accepted your request. You can CANCEL a  ride within 3 mins after the booking and no cost will be charged to you. People often use this feature when they find bad rating of the driver (usually below 3). The Uber service SMS you when the driver arrives at your location so you can take the ride asap.


Uber in Pakistan

After Lahore Uber has launched their service in Karachi. The riding cost is cheaper than Careem and sometimes Rickshaw. So people are loving it, especially ladies.


Security Measure

Anyone can drive for Uber with a valid driving license and a car model of within 5 years range. Before Uber enroll you for their “Uber Driver” app, you are required to take snaps of your Driving License, Car and its Documents and upload on their website. After verification you will be ready to take your first ride and start earning right away.


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